Strategic Goal No. 1:       Catalyze Change in Policy and Practice Outcome Challenge:    CWP include measures to improve water security in their national policies on food/agriculture Title of Activity:   Understanding Water and Food Nexus to Improve Water Security:  the Philippine Context Implementation arrangement Support to 2017 Watershed Conference The conference tackled roles of local government units …

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2017 World Water Day Celebration in the Philippines

World Water Day (WWD) is celebrated worldwide on March 22 of every year to remind the world of the importance of  fresh water to mankind and to advocate sustainable management of water resources.   This year’s theme is “Water and Wastewater”  highlighting the need to also focus on wastewater management. In the Philippines,  the  celebration of …

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2016 CORE Activities

  Strategic Goal No. 2 –  GENERATE AND COMMUNICATE KNOWLEDGE Activity Title –  IWRM Training for the Youth   Daloy Dunong Youth Forum A pre-event to the 3rd International River Summit November 23, 2016  |  Macasandig Elementary School In order to build healthy, sustainable communities for future generations, we must develop and engage the youth …

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Report on the Orientation / Meeting on GWP ToolBox for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

The orientation on GWP Toolbox for IWRM was held last 15 December 2015 at Mandarin Plaza Hotel in Cebu City.  This activity was organized by the Philippine Water Partnership (PWP) together with the Water Resources Center – University of San Carlos and Cebu Uniting for Sustainable Water. Attached as “Annex A” is the Program of …

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Goal No. 2 – GENERATE AND COMMUNICATE KNOWLEDGE Output Challenge 2.1 – RWP agree on a system of monitoring and reporting for water resources Title of Activity: Tracking of Progress (Component 2) Organizer and co-organizers: Philippine Water Partnership (PWP), National Water Resources Board (NWRB) and National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Report on the series …

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