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Output Challenge 2.1 – RWP agree on a system of monitoring and reporting for water resources
Title of Activity: Tracking of Progress (Component 2)
Organizer and co-organizers: Philippine Water Partnership (PWP), National Water Resources
Board (NWRB) and National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
Report on the series of small group meetings of the Technical Working Group (TWG)
for the Tracking of Progress (TOP):
The Technical Working Group (TWG) has conducted three (3) regular meetings and consultations on the
progress of TOP. Dates of the said meeting are as follows including the matters taken up and discussed as
well as agreements reached:
August 18, 2015 – 3rd Quarter Regular TWG Meeting
• The main objective of the meeting was to review the progress of the preparation of the Water Security
Framework taking into account the previous comments and suggestions generated during the December
2014 meeting as well as comments from TWG members
• It was agreed that the UN Water Security Framework will be adapted as basis for the TOP. It was also
agreed that to localize the Water Security Framework and adjust to the local situation, locally accepted
indicators will be used as these are the existing indicators that most of the concerned agencies are already
using. This will ensure that a measure of what has been achieved as far as the TOP and Water Security are
concerned are easily captured
• A list of proposed indicators will be prepared and this will be reviewed in the next regular meeting.
Recent developments such as the SDG indicators as well as indicators related to Climate Change will be
November 27, 2015 – 4th Quarter Regular TWG Meeting
• The main objective of the TWG Meeting was to review one by one the proposed indicators. A list of the
preliminary indicators was provided as basis for the review.
• However, pending the country’s SDG targets and commitment, the group agreed to wait for the official
indicators that will be adapted by the country in relation to the SDGs
December 21, 2015 – Regular TWG Meeting
On the Water Security Framework
– the agreement is to present the UN Framework for Water Security as per agreement reached during the
December 2014 meeting.
On the Localization of the UN Water Security Framework
– the localization of the Framework will be reflected in the List of Indicators as proposed by NWRB
Team. The indicators for the SDGs will form part of the indicators. click here These listing of indicators https://www.storevipjerseys.com will be the
subject of discussion (either in a meeting to be organized in the early part of 2016 or to be routed to
concerned agencies) to get consensus.
The idea is to use existing indicators currently used by concerned agencies. Additional indicators may also
be adopted such as the SDG indicators and indicators related to climate change adaptation.
NWRB will take the lead in presenting these proposed indicators to the concerned group.
On the baseline
– there is a need to agree on the base year for each indicator.
On data from LGUs
– considering that the LGUs are part of the key actors in Water Security efforts, data from LGUs should be
clearly reflected and included such as those related to access to water and sanitation. In as much as these
data are reflected in DOH data, this should be clearly indicated and noted.
– NWRB Team to finalize the framework and list of indicators;
– convene a meeting by January to be attended by the same set of participants who attended the December
2014 meeting;
– to send in advance the documents for review and comments (together with the letter of invitation to the
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